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Discover the most famous attractions of Kuching with our selection of visits and things to do. Save your precious vacation time by booking Kuching things to do in advance: take a cruise, board a hop-on hop-off bus, save on all your day trips and discover all the attractions the city has to offer.

Best place in Sarawak to see semi-wild orangutans rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the reserve's surrounding forest. The rehabilitated animals roam freely in the rainforest, and often return to the center at feeding time. Spend your day enjoying nature - meet Bako National Park's residents, the most famous are the bizarre proboscis monkeys. Explores the many branches of the Santubong and Salak River Delta systems as they emerge into the South China Sea; It focuses on the complex ecosystem of the mangrove swamp, which is an important breeding ground for many marine animal species, and a permanent home for small reptiles, mud-skippers, crabs, shellfish, and occasional mammals such as monkeys and lories.

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